Producers and distributors face increasingly complex challenges when it comes to storing, retrieving, converting and securing assets, often in disparate and difficult to manage formats.
MaestroVision provides an integrated solution, to local and remote management of content, through its industry-leading Asset & Storage Manager.

Seamlessly search, view, retrieve and convert archived content from any desktop, whether on site or from a remote location, for true global content sharing.

Asset & Storage Manager also helps monitor digital storage infrastructure with media or tape drive degradation warnings before performance problems or data loss occurs.

  • View proxies of live and archived content
  • Create frame accurate shot lists
  • Restore either a portion or the whole clip to any destination
  • Remote access through a web browser interface
  • Define and restrict access with built-in security tools
  • Actively track all system assets
  • Automatically copy and move resources stored at one site to other locations
  • Manage content at multiple sites from a single location
  • Continuously monitor tape drives and media status to pre-empt equipment failure or performance degradation
  • Interface with all of the popular video servers, automation and MAM systems and all of the popular archiving systems
  • Automated batch encoding of content from multiple sources
  • Real-time 24/7 access to MaestroVision’s digital support team
  • Detailed, web-based reports for authorized users
  • Infinitely scalable with additional engines to meet expanding needs
  • Improved efficiency and increased reliability of quality control audits
  • Secure rapid access to high-demand content
  • Improve performance, connectivity and reliability
  • Invest in additional storage only as required
  • Unlimited scalability for storage and bandwidth capacity as required