This is basically your private YouTube. But better...
More secure and customizable!
And it's easier to manage users.

MaestroVision’s media library application stores all your media files and allows you to share them with anyone. It can import and store various digital files including image, audio & video. The Veotek application provides a centralized solution for managing an unprecedented volume of video and varying video formats. From acquisition to distribution across multiple screens and locations, operators can quickly and cost effectively find relevant content.
Excellent application for architecture, construction, finance, healthcare, insurance, journalism, law enforcement, legal, real estate and much more.

How does it work?

The system has the ability to import and store various digital files including image, audio and video. Recordings are organized in a web-based management system with secure user authentication and access control. Veotek can import digital files from any MaestroVision’s application or other content captured by a smart phone and/or tablet.

It has the capability to search by name, date, event, device or any other metadata information, as well as running ad hoc reports on various parameters.

What are the main features?

Advanced search engine capabilities allow operators to retrieve all records containing the “key Word(s)”, compiling multiple media in a single search.

Security features protect content and limit access to material based on security clearance.

Provides a cost effective method of storing recorded files that can be accessed locally or remotely by other divisions.

A user defined amount of time determines how long material will reside in storage before being automatically deleted freeing up storage space.

System can automatically ingest material based on Mark In and Mark Out points creating a frame accurate shot list and eliminating unwanted material.

Designed for non technical users, the intuitive user interface and system intelligence simplifies system operation.

Operators can preview material using the proxy generator before transferring or copying material from the system ensuring the correct video at all times.

MaestroVision transcoding capabilities eliminates compatibility issues between different video formats.