Complement your digital broadcasting with dynamic and graphically rich content that integrates itself seamlessly with your Automation Server.

MaestroVision’s template based system gives you complete control over real-time data being displayed on air.

Create your own templates with the use of our Software Development Kit and Adobe™ Flash®

Display information such as:

  • Automated Weather Info
  • Coming Up Next
  • Logo Insertion
  • Station Identification
  • Text Overlays
  • Lottery Results
  • TV Guide
  • Messages
  • Election Coverage
  • Traffic Information
  • Promo over credit
  • TV News Graphics
  • Over the shoulder Graphics
  • Live Sports Enhancement
  • Stock option info

Import content from:

  • Text, image, video and audio files
  • Weather Data services
  • Other Data services (Tide, Moon, Sunrise, Sunset, Stocks, etc.)
  • RSS feeds
  • SQL Databases
  • External devices such as Thermal Sensors
  • And many others