Our media management application

V-RAD is a comprehensive solution that compiles and manages all media content from the Milestone Surveillance Camera systems and retrieves all relevant video clips creating key video evidence. It stands for Video Retrieval Archive and Distribution.

At the core of V-RAD is an application linking all available Milestone Surveillance Camera systems with the ability to access, import and convert all video recorded without the loss of any associated meta tags.

How does it work?

The system employs an intelligent interface to obtain location, time and event-triggered information in order to automatically retrieve key video and place it on a video timeline. A full sequence is created where suspects can be followed from one camera to another.

An overlap is produced between each segment in order to guarantee the integrity of the sequence. The video evidence is centrally stored and can be distributed via DVD or USB keys.

What are the main features?

A user-friendly interface that runs on existing hardware.

Search the entire database to retrieve key video clips using event-triggered information such as facial & object recognition, license plate reader, movement detection and others.

Easily playback all relevant videos along a timeline using synchronized multi views when the suspect appears on more than one camera at the same time.

A new timeline and all associated data can be stored on the central system or other media such as DVDs or USB keys.


Where it can be used?

  • Follow suspects in public areas.
  • Evaluate felons during interrogation.
  • Monitor the movement and activities of incarcerated population.
  • Record suspect behavior during all phases of alcohol or drug testing.
  • Identify individuals shoplifting.
  • Identify employee pilfering.
  • Scrutinize players suspected of cheating in casinos.
  • Monitor activities in public spaces to reduce crime and vandalism.
  • Obtain comprehensive perspectives from multiple cameras during public demonstrations or emergency situations.

What are the benefits of using it?


Transform video surveillance data into actionable video evidence.


Drastically reduce the time and resources required to successfully conclude investigations.


Archive video in a secure standardized central location.


Intuitive user interface reduces operator learning curve.