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Management Solutions

MaestroVision is a software developer and hardware manufacturer providing audio and video management solutions within any professional, commercial and institutional environment.

Founded in 1998, MaestroVision first specialized in broadcast technology providing high-end quality video servers and media asset management to broadcasters.

In 2013, we decided to diversify and offer this smart technology to other markets. Working closely with key collaborators in different sectors, such as law enforcement, justice, education, government, etc., MaestroVision has been able to adapt his technology, offering latest technology solutions applied to different situations.

MaestroVision Solution

Key Features

  • Highest quality audio and video
  • Absolute synchronization between audio and video
  • Ability to record external sources
  • Simplicity of operation for police officers
  • Ease of retrieval
  • Sharing capabilities
  • Aid future investigations
  • Protects sensitive content
  • Reduce cost of operation

All you need is here.

MaestroVision provides applications throughout the audio-visual information sharing cycle. Centralized application to record, save, share and replay.

Available to all, anytime, anywhere, and in any format…
Our solutions allow you to go through the complete cycle, all in one place.

  • First, you record your interview.
  • Second, you save this recording in the media library.
  • Third, you share this recording with others.
  • Fourth, you can replay this recording again.

Capture and preserve meetings, interviews & events.

Keep all your files in the same place, in a safe place.

Don’t keep it to yourself, share it with others.

Watch it again, and again, and again…


Custom engineered to fit your unique situation, MaestroVision’s audio-visual solutions are right at home in your courtroom, classroom, council meeting room, interrogation room, conference room, simulation room, or any other room!
Access guaranteed, anywhere and everywhere!

Our solutions have been adapted to multiple environments.


For courtroom recordings, MaestroVision provides audio-only or audio & video solutions to meet law requirements. Multiple cameras recording every person in the courtroom, including the judge, the prosecutor, the defendant, the jury, etc. Our solutions ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.


Whether streaming live master classes or recording them for further sharing and replay, MaestroVision’s Recording Management Solutions will allow you to massively share knowledge with different types of end users. From universities and colleges, to schools and other educational institutions, classroom recording empowers both teachers and students alike.


Council meetings are generally public and open to citizen participation. MaestroVision provides a complete solution so that council meetings can be recorded and shared with a larger audience. Our solutions have been adapted to ensure transparency and involve our citizens in a democratic process. Recording council meeting sessions and then sharing them through a secure online media library has improved this process.


Our solutions have been initially developed for the law enforcement industry. Recording police interviews has its own challenges, as well as saving and sharing police evidence with involved parties. Security is a major issue as well as evidence integrity and protection. Our solutions provide multiple tools to modernize the police station, recording and monitoring all activity using surveillance camera technology and our Video Evidence Retrieval Archive and distribution system (V-RAD).


Recording conferences can be simple, if you’re recording a single room with few people, or complex, if you are recording multiple locations with many people. Each situation can be evaluated and studied to develop an optimized solution for each business, so that sharing amongst employees & collaborators can be easy, efficient and increase overall productivity.


Simulations are the new norm in the education process, as they provide a hands-on experience to students and professionals who seek to constantly improve their knowledge and experience. Our solutions provide multiple tools to share knowledge, while recording and monitoring all simulations using surveillance camera technology and extracting content with our Video Retrieval Archive and Distribution system (V-RAD).


Our applications use SDI-HD technology to ensure your recordings are synchronized. Recordings are absolutely simultaneous, avoiding any lip-synch issue.

Our solutions provide perfect synchronization of audio with video, using SDI-HD technology, unlike IP technology, that has multiple challenges to make perfect recordings.

It is not possible for an IP camera to offer a perfect synchronization of the audio with the video.


As we can see on this figure, in an installation with IP cameras, the cameras are connected to the network of the police department, for example. The video is not sent in real-time to the computer for capture, but rather in packet which is then decoded by the software in the computer. This transmission takes from one to two seconds and varies depending on whether the network is busy or not. About the audio signal, it is transmitted real time, with no variation to the computer. Its transmission time is practically zero second. Resellers of IP solutions can put a delay to the audio signal to synchronize with the video, but as video transport does not take place in real time and depends on the network, the transmission of the video is always variable so impossible to be synchronized with the audio.

The solution offered by MaestroVision is based on a ‘Broadcast ‘technology. You can always check with current customers of MaestroVision including the Weather Network, Videotron or Cogeco, you will notice a perfect synchronization of the audio with the video. You can see on Figure 7 an installation in SDI, offering a real time transport of both audio and video signals that allow a perfect synchronization between the two signals.

No Interference

MaestroVision applications use balanced audio technology, eliminating background noise and electromagnetic interference, which would otherwise ruin a perfectly crisp recording.
The audio and video quality

MaestroVision manufactures broadcast quality media products. Audio and video encoding is provided by a very high quality digital capture card which is not the case with the current IP cameras technology. MaestroVision understands how imperative are the proper record of both video and audio. It is important to capture the reactions, body language and the expression of the face of the suspect. Video quality is important, but audio is even more important. It is crucial that every spoken word is well recorded, with perfect clarity, even if the suspect does not speak very well.

To achieve a proper capture of the human voice, it is important to capture all the bandwidth frequencies that are emitted by the person speaking. For this reason, it is imperative that all audio wiring and connections are in a balanced form and not in unbalanced.

It’s important to understand that an audio cable acts as an antenna. Our environment is invaded by electromagnetic frequencies coming from the power supply, transformers, neon lights and so on, that are induced into the audio wires, producing a background noise as can be seen on figure 1.


In the case of balanced audio, instead of having a single wire to drive the audio there are two. The audio signal is transmitted on two wires, which have between them a phase shift of 180 degrees. The two wires are “twisted” together in order to ensure that the same noise will be induced in the two wires at the same time.


Figure 1 – Unbalanced audio signal.


Figure 2 – Balanced audio signal.

Figure 3 – Example of balanced audio signal with noise.


Figure 4 – Result when we subtract: (+A) – (-A)


Figure 5 – Example of balanced audio signal with noise.

In Figure 3, we have represented noise by small waves for explanation purposes. Note that the small waves are in phase for both A+ and A- sides while the audio signals are out of phase relative to each other.

What happens when we subtract the signal (+ A) and the signal (- A)? About the audio signal; subtracting one signal from another, corresponds to adding them if we shift (-A) signal of 180 degrees.  Therefore (+A) – (-A), becomes (+A) + (+A) which result an increase double the such A signal, as shown in figure 4.  About the noise signal; given that the two signals are absolutely identical when you do the subtraction between the two, they cancel out one another completely.

The result is an audio signal perfectly clean, destitute of any electromagnetic induction.

It is very essential to have an audio signal without noise induced. Since noises mainly affect high frequencies, a reduction in the high frequencies will make it difficult to distinguish between the “S” and “F”. This will make virtually incomprehensible records where the suspect does speak well.

Multi-Track Systems

Using digital multi-track technology, which is a separate recording of multiple sound sources, allows MaestroVision to isolate the sound from a single microphone and record it on a single track. A very singular achievement that guarantees optimal recording quality every time!
In the music industry, this technology was developed to allows studio engineers to record all the instruments and vocals for a piece of music separately.
Before, all the singers and musicians in a band had to sing and play together. Recordings where done on one track and could not be isolated. If a musician played a part wrong, the recording had to be redone entirely.
Now, each component is recorded separately and can be edited on its own. Engineers can adjust the levels and tones of each individual track, and if necessary, redo certain tracks to get a better take.
This was a major advancement in the recording industry.
MaestroVision, always in the lookout for what's best, has integrated this technology in its systems & solutions.

It's so easy...

MaestroVision’s engineers turn complex engineering into user-friendly applications. Now, everyone can record like a professional.

MaestroVision’s user interface was developed to be used by anyone!

It’s so simple, everybody can use it!

No need for technical expertise or advanced skills to use it. Complex operations turned into a simple and user-friendly interface.

This is how simple it is (in a police interrogation, for example):

  • Enter basic information about your recording: case number, suspect name, officer name etc.
  • Press record
  • Enter notes during the interview
  • Press Stop
  • The interview is automatically saved and transferred to a central location
  • Share the recording
  • Replay the recording